Electrical Safety Audit

Electricity constitutes one of the major sources of ignition involving fire accidents and explosives in the industry and buildings, which carries hazardous operations and materials. As per the statistics available, 30% of the total accidents in industry caused due to electrical problems. The damages due to electrical hazards vary from minor electrical shock, equipment loss to fatal accidents which causes huge loss to both plant and human beings. An electrical safety audit helps to establish a foundation for developing solutions to community problems and to respond to the need for a planned and reasonable safety strategy.

NIN Energy is providing the Electrical safety Audit service as a part of energy audit & HSE audit.

What You Get with an Electrical Safety Audit?

Preliminary review

Site personnel will provide the preliminary information’s like cable layout, electrical wiring diagram, earth pit diagram, built area map, stock area map, path way map (vehicle movement, workers movement), loading area map, security gates, approach roads and assemble points. This preliminary information helps to determine the plan for site survey and field measurements.

Site survey & field measurements

Using electrical safety audit instruments, Measurements of all required electrical parameters would be carried out at site. The areas covered under the study are as follows electrical distribution system, lighting system, cooling system, communication system, electrical equipment’s, earthing system and common check like the presence of safety equipment’s like rubber mat, CO2, Fire extinguishers, shock treatment chart, hand gloves in good conditions, presence of warning board, sand bucket, water bucket, entry, exit, emergency exit indicator, power indicator, display of LT, HT route marker, labelling of cables, DB identifications, power consumption measurements, check the electrical system should be working with three core cable system and proper earthing, check the use of metal clad switch & socket board.

Technical report

Following the site visit and field measurements, a technical report is issued. This report includes an executive summary of findings in electrical safety audit, summary of all of the information gathered, highlighted problems, final audit checklist by incorporating the comments of client, a summary of field measurements, recommendations for eliminating the original problem.

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