Infrared Thermography Study

What is Thermography?

It is a thermal analysis tool that has become widely used for preventative maintenance on mechanical and electrical systems. Infrared Thermography is the technique that uses an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” invisible infrared energy being emitted from an object.

Why Thermography is required?

Thermography is one of the preventive maintenance tools. Thermography can be useful in identifying potential issues. In the industrial/commercial environment, almost everything gets hotter or cooler before it fails. The primary benefit of including a thermographic survey in a preventative maintenance program is the ability to monitor thermal trends over time.

Failure of equipment, machine in electrical or any system may result in loss of production, injury, fire or other damages to property etc., all resulting financial loss. IR Inspection identifies fault sites in advance and suggests for corrective actions based on fault severity. IR Thermography removes unnecessary preventive maintenance and typically in ordinary circumstances 30 to 40 % of the maintenance costs can be saved.

Thermography advantages

  • It Finds problem before it finds you

  • Less expensive

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Extend asset life

  • Reduce inventory base

  • Reduce inventory base

Reduce inventory base

Preliminary review

Site personnel will provide the preliminary information about the electrical systems / utility information’s where thermography study needs to be carried out. This preliminary review helps to determine the plan for site survey and field measurements.

Site survey & field measurements

An onsite survey is performed to gather specific information about the facility, and thermal scanning would be carried out at the site by certified Level-II Thermographer. Thermography inspection would be carried out as per the American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNI) guidelines (either qualitative or quantitative as per the requirement of client). It involves capturing of thermal images on the electrical system/equipment’s to identify the thermal anomalies.

Technical report

Following site visit and field measurements, thermography report is issued. This report includes, Executive summary of the study, scope of the work, analysis of the thermographic images captured at site with commands and possible reasons for the thermal anomalies and possible recommendations etc.,


Infrared thermography is currently being used in two distinct ways for preventative maintenance. It is important to remember that infrared scans are only one of many activities necessary in a preventative maintenance program. They should not replace the standard maintenance procedures found in the instruction and maintenance manuals for the electrical equipment.