Power Quality Audit

What is power quality?

This term refers to a wide variety of electromagnetic phenomena that characterize the voltage and current at a given location of a power system. Any power problem manifested in voltages, current, or frequency deviations those results in failure or malfunctioning of customer equipment.

Power quality has become increasingly important for industrial and commercial electric power customers, particularly as todays control processes rely on computerized equipment which is sensitive to power system interruptions and disturbances.

Common Power Quality Issues are as follows

  • Harmonics

  • Voltage sags

  • Over Voltage

  • Flicker

  • Transients

  • Unbalances

NIN Energy can provide solutions to existing power quality problems, alleviate problems that may be looming in a power system, and provide recommendations to ensure optimal power quality.

NIN Energy uses a wide range of techniques and tools to find, study, and correct power quality problems. Monitoring and field measurements are a key element in the problem solving process. We use a combination of fixed and portable monitoring instruments to detect and analyze disturbances on both the utility and your side of the meter, as well as at key process points and other locations. This monitoring helps us to locate where problems are occurring, and determine their potential cause(s) and solution(s).

Our goal is to prescribe a solution that is effective, cost-efficient, and won’t cause problems for either you or the utility. We look at a wide range of corrective measures, including, to providing a range of cost-effective options for mitigation.

  • Harmonic filters, passive and active

  • Capacitors

What You Get with a Power Quality Audit?

Preliminary review

Site personnel will characterize the problem, describe existing conditions that could be causing power quality problems, and help determine a plan for the site survey. This preliminary review helps to determine the need for the site survey.

Site survey & field measurements

An onsite survey is performed to gather specific information about the facility, power quality problems, and affected equipment. Using Power Analyzers field measurements are made in conjunction with an onsite power system and equipment inspection. Measurements may include load current values, voltage and harmonic distortion levels, as well as transient voltage events.

Technical report

Following the site visit and field measurements, a technical report is issued. This report includes a summary of all of the information gathered, highlighted power system problems, a summary of field measurements, recommendations for eliminating the original problem. This report also includes base line measurements that can be used for future system design and facility planning.

Remote monitoring of utility assets

We can offer design and install of remote monitoring of utility assets to keep track of:

  • Harmonics

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Frequency

  • Power factor

  • Neutral currents

  • Power sags

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