Energy Management System (EnMS)

Nowadays, Industries, Commercial buildings, IT Industries / Data Centres are interested in more than controlling the consumption of energy in their installations. They also need a centralised system to control the entire installation, so that it can be adequately managed and maintained. NIN Energy has the solutions. We offer Energy Management Software that can be integrated on the existing panel meters* and displays the instantaneous values in real time and stores the historical data on a PC for subsequent analysis. Our software also enables the data stored in devices with internal memory to be downloaded.

This software enables users to monitor the installation and to obtain real time, first-hand information about the status of power lines and even general consumption of the installation in both low and medium voltage. This supervision is important because it provides accurate information about the status of the electrical installation, essential for taking correct decisions. Depending on the features of the appliances installed, a large number of electrical parameters and processes can be monitored.


The major applications of Energy Management System is as follows

  • Creation of energy reports

  • Installation control for electrical energy efficiency

  • Consumption level control for cost allocation

  • Control and supervision for maintenance staff

  • Control and supervision of continuity of service

  • Display for analysis of data registered in portable equipment

We are offering the panel meters along with the Energy Management System software and also manage the client’s total energy consumption.

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